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The story behind Matchymoo

Matchymoo is a new independant clothing store, specialising in fun & quality clothing from newborn to adults, inspired by farming, the countryside & nature.

I am Claire, a farmers daughter from beautiful Northumberland. I am married & i am a Mum to 3 amazing children, a 7 year old little boy and boy/girl twins who are 5 (its been a busy few years! haha).

I found there was a gap in the market for fun farming & countryside inspired clothing and since my first tractor design, i’ve never looked back!

Every item is handprinted by me and most of my designs you will find can be personalised or customised to make them even more special. I also know there’s a lot of strong minded children out there who know exactly what colour tractors they want!

My clothing ranges from Newborn to Adult sizes & as the name suggests, most of my items are available in children’s and adult sizes so you can match with the whole family!

Based in beautiful Northumberland, Matchymoo is the place to go for exclusive and one off fun designs.

If you do have any questions, please contact me at:-

Thankyou so much for visiting my page, i hope you enjoy my clothing.

Claire xxx



Matchymoo has grown so much in the last year. From a small clothing outlet with a following that now has a large community of loving families.


 Quality matters, and we have a passion for great quality. That’s why we are proud of every item we sell and will always endevour to keep our standards high.


Our brand prides itself on standing out the same way we want our products to do the same and with our customised range your purchase can stand out too.